Products can have lower environmental impacts by cleverly using less energy and materials. Learn or teach sustainability in product design & engineering.

Whole Systems and Lifecycle Thinking

Learn how to problem-solve, innovate, and improve your project’s environmental impacts by looking at the big picture to understand how things are made, used and disposed of.

Improving Product Lifetime

While some products should last a lifetime, improving a product’s life isn’t always just about making it last. Learn how to decide on the right strategies for optimizing a product’s life and end-of-life.

Energy Efficient Design

Understanding energy is critical to sustainable design. Learn what energy is, how it is converted into useful forms, and what engineers can do to create more energy efficient designs.

Green Materials Selection

Choosing more sustainable materials is all about making informed tradeoffs. While there is no such thing as an entirely “green material,” you can improve your materials choices by knowing the variables to consider.


Learn what lightweighting is, and why it’s important for sustainability; when you should lightweight; and other strategies you can use to reduce material use.

Persuasive Design

What if you could steer your user’s lifestyle toward sustainability? Learn how to use persuasive design to improve a user’s environmental impacts without changing the product’s engineering.  Understand